Helping our Local Fire Service

On 14th February 2018, we shared our site with several crews from Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service (SF&RS). The crews used our facilities to simulate emergencies, aiding their specialist training in rescue from height (using ladders) and extinguishing oil fires. Appreciating that appropriate venues - with specialist risks - are hard to come by, we often support the service in the delivery of their training.

In addition to aiding SF&RS in their training, these simulation exercises help us to better prepare for our own emergencies. If we observe a weakness in the service’s response to a simulated scenario, we can tailor the training of our on-site fire crew to specialise in these areas. Furthermore, regular on-site training increases the service’s knowledge of our facilities and needs, improving their effectiveness in helping us to combat on-site emergencies. 

Thank you to Pete Davies, Fire Systems Supervisor, for working closely with SF&RS to coordinate the training exercise. We look forward to working with SF&RS again. 


Date: 20/02/2018