Bridgnorth Aluminium is awarded ASI Performance Standard

We are delighted to announce that Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited has successfully certified against the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s (ASI) Performance Standard.

 The Performance Standard provides a common standard on environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, with the aim of addressing key sustainability issues, such as biodiversity, human rights, and greenhouse gas emissions, in the aluminium value chain. Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited’s conformance to the Performance Standard was assessed by DNV GL, an independent, ASI-Accredited Auditor.

Regarding our certification, Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI, said:

We warmly congratulate Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited on their ASI Certification. Since the company’s products are used in such diverse sectors like lithographic printing and automotive, packaging and energy, Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited is a great ambassador of responsible production practices for these downstream industries.

In response to our certification, Simon MacVicker, Managing Director of Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited, said:

We are very proud to achieve this ASI certification, which follows rigorous external assessment of our business and the way we run it. We are pleased that our longstanding efforts towards sustainability are now objectively recognised, and we will use the new knowledge and experience which we have gained through the certification process in order to further improve our sustainability performance.”

To access Bridgnorth Aluminium’s summary audit report, please click here


Date: 7/01/2020