High Quality Aluminium Strip for Packaging


As an independent producer of packaging feedstock, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd has developed long-term partnerships with major European foil rolling customers. 

Why Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd? 

Our process is designed with specific aluminium foil applications in mind.

For many decades, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd has supplied foil stock to foil rolling and converting plants. Having developed alloys and rolling practices over a period of more than 50 years, we have a strong understanding and knowledge of the foil market. Understanding what it takes to make high quality foil at thin gauges, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd is able to meet requirements for low levels of porosity, whilst maintaining the correct strength characteristics. Our dedicated foil stock cold rolling, annealing and finishing assets are designed to provide the levels of cleanliness, flatness and overall product quality required by the market. Should products require a heat treatment process step, we have foilstock annealing furnaces to achieve this.

Packaging Process

Our FoilstockOur Foilstock
Customers' FoilCustomers' Foil