Highly Conductive Aluminium Strip for Transformer Windings

Transformer Windings

Managed by sophisticated quality control systems, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd's high purity alloy range lends itself to the production of highly conductive aluminium products. 

Why Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd? 

We carefully control quality at every stage, enabling us to maintain a clean alloy system. 

Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd offers highly conductive aluminium strip for use in transformer windings. If you're looking for metal in narrow strip format with high conductivity, supplied from an efficient logistics platform, we have the solution. To support the most demanding applications, we carefully control quality at every stage, from the casting of our rolling slabs to the packing of final products. Understanding that the transformer market requires a strong logistics platform, we also work with our customers to build a truly responsive platform. We have invested in our supply chain planning and processes to shorten lead times and provide consistent on-time delivery performance, and continue to widen our capabilities to offer tailored solutions to our customers.

Transformer Windings Process

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